Whether you buy a wooden sofa or a leather sofa online it becomes the centre of attraction in your living room. It will be a place where you will relax at the end of the day, watch movies, cuddle, fall asleep, and make countless memories. So, over the years, your sofa will have to go through significant wear and tear. From humidity to heat exposure to dust several factors will spoil its look and material. But you can slow down its aging by providing the care it deserves.

With regular pampering, it is possible to keep a sofa in good condition. Follow these sofa care tips, and a high-end sofa will last for at least two decades.

General tips to keep your sofa beautiful

Once you have purchased an expensive couch after exploring multiple stores and considering a range of options, you want it to look new forever. So, before you learn material-specific maintenance techniques, here are some tricks and tips useful for all types of sofas:

1. Fluff up the cushions

As cushions are made of soft material, they lose their shape soon and spoil the entire look. But if you fluff them up by prodding, light punching, and slapping, they will retain their shape and comfort you for years. This would take only a few minutes, but you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

2. Regular cleaning is a must

The life expectancy of sofas can increase exponentially when you clean them at least once a week. Delicate cleaning and vacuuming under the cushions are essential to keep it nice-smelling and prevent dust from accumulating.

3. Protect from sunlight

Direct and bright sunlight will affect an upholstered or a leather sofa. A little sunshine once in a while is fine. But if you are left with no alternative but to place it on a spot that receives sunlight throughout the day, cover it with a towel to save the fabric colour from fading.

4. Have some couch rules

Having some boundaries is a must to expand the life of a sofa, irrespective of its material. Jumping on the sofa, having food on it, always sitting in the same spot, forgetting to vacuum it, and even sleeping on it consistently are ways in which you might be ruining your favourite couch. So, set some ground rules to keep it new and nice.

Tips for retaining the shine in wooden sofas

Maintaining wooden sofas is easy, and you can keep them as lustrous as new by doing the following things:

  • Clean with water and soap- A damp cloth and mild soap and the two things you need for deep cleaning wooden sofas. However, instead of leaving the excess moisture to airdry, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
  • Polish- Once you have cleaned the wooden sofa, you cannot skip the second step. Polish gently with some coconut oil to bring back its previous shine.
  • Dust- Dusting should be done daily to keep the furniture in good shape. Devote 10 minutes of your day to dusting all the wooden furniture.
  • Prevent dryness- If your house is excessively dry, your wooden furniture might shrink. Similarly, drastic fluctuations in humidity and temperature levels can create dew and harm your wooden sofa. So, keep these two things in mind when choosing the best sofa for your hall.

Care tips for upholstered/ fabric sofas

Upholstered furniture gives character to a home, and therefore, you must treat it right. You can buy fabric sofas online or offline, and here are some upkeep guidelines:

1. Choose the right fabric

Before you buy fabric sofas in India, research a little to acquaint yourself with the different kinds of fabric. Choosing the ideal fabric for your home will make maintenance super easy. How do you know which fabric is meant for your abode? The answer lies in your lifestyle. For example, synthetic fibres are perfect for sofas that will be used heavily. Likewise, if you have pets or kids, don’t go for fabrics with loose weaves/ threads.

2. Protect the fabric

Fabrics can get stained easily and cleaning them is hard. So, never neglect stains but clean the area at the earliest to keep stains at bay. Also, when there are spills, refer to the instructions to remove marks effectively. There are also stain protection solutions prepared specifically for upholstery which are affordable and useful.

3. Hire a professional

There might be times when you will require professional assistance in cleaning upholstered furniture. Call a professional cleaner from a reputable company to deep clean your fabric sofa in case of spills. If your sofa is custom-made, get the waxing and polishing done to keep it in great condition.

How to look after a leather couch?

When it comes to home furnishing, leather is among the most low-maintenance and durable surfaces. If you take the necessary measures, cleaning will be simple. Also, when you buy leather sofa online, go through the product specifications and care tips before finalizing the product. Unprotected leather or pure aniline is costlier and more stain-prone than protected leather. So, most leather sofas are made of finished/ protected leather.

Furniture makers suggest doing nothing extra other than dusting leather sofas with a soft, dry cloth. Vacuuming once a week with a gentle brush attachment will keep the couch spick and span. In case you drop greasy food or hot beverage, wipe with a cloth dipped in distilled water. Never use products that contain alkalis or ammonia as they can harm your leather furniture beyond repair. While using a new cleaner, don’t forget to test it out by applying it on a hidden surface.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning a sofa won’t be a hassle if you follow a simple routine and stick to the tricks recommended above. Daily dusting and proper cleaning on the weekends are the two things your precious couch needs to keep appearing brand new. So, don’t let go of the maintenance regime to prolong your sofa’s life, and this tip applies to all your handpicked furniture pieces.